"Here’s to the lazy ones, the idlers, the round pegs shoved in the square holes, the misfit, video-gazer, slackers, lotus-eater, goof-offs, skylarks, daydreamers, here to those who dared, those who didn’t, here is to Couchpotatonilne."

Couchpotatonline. 2021

Our Story

Starting off as a random repeatedly heart-tugging lack-luster idea, Couchpotato is the Pied Pipers chant to all Slackers all over the world irrespective of tribe, tongue, race, and color.

An invite to an underground cyber utopian universe created to be a safe space where being "laidback, spontaneous, not pressured, and unconcerned" about your genius potential is okay. Just create!

A space where having vision boards, work out schedules, carefully planned alarm notifications, and overdosing on steroids in organic shakes isn't the order of the day. It is the slackers' invitation to a world of spontaneous creativity, lackluster brilliance, community, color, and occasional gloom. 

Where they can slack off while regaling themselves with Visual representations of a Veteran slacker's thoughts in COLLECTIONS, DIGITAL ART & STORIES sponsored by humor, satire, soliloquy, ideal thinking & toilet seat eureka.

Our Future

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