Calling All the

Here is to the lazy ones, the round pegs shoved in square holes, the misfits, video gazers, slackers, idlers, daydreamers. Here is to Couch Potatonline.

Exclusive Collections Inspired by idle writing & art doodles from a Couch Potato's wondering mind.

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Exclusive Couch Potato Paraphenalia

Regal yourself with visual representation of a veteran slacker's thoughts in collections, & stories sponsored by soliloquy, ideal thinking & toilet seat eureka.

Dumb Genius!

Erudition is not continuous. No one is a genius with every word, thought, decision, and action.

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Slacker’s Journal

Here’s to the lazy ones, the idlers, the round pegs shoved in the square holes, the misfit, video-gazer, slackers, lotus-eater, goof-offs, skylarks, daydreamers, here to those who dared, those who didn’t, here is to Couchpotatonilne.

Absurd Symphony of Change: The Grim Reaper's Metamorphosis

Absurd Symphony of Change: The Grim Reaper’s Metamorphosis

Whether it’s outgrowing my favorite tee (because the Medium size doesn’t fit anymore), moving to a new condo, discovering a new cafe, ending a relationship, or changing friends,…

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Ain't no Simp, Anime Simp

Go and Simp No More!

Are you a simp? You’ll probably say ‘’no’’ or you don’t know, but if you flinched before you answered, you probably are, you just never had anyone to…

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Dear Overthinker

I’ve always been an overthinker. Whenever I think about one thing it ends up splitting off into a multitude of other ideas and considerations, all of which end…

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Dumb Genius: Toilet Seat Eureka

Why do we despise being called “dumb”? I know it might sound weird, but for some reason, I have always found the word aesthetically pleasing. It might be…

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Couch Potato: Calling all the Slackers

“There are idlers and idlers, who form a contrast. There’s the one who’s an idler through laziness and weakness of character, through the baseness of his nature… Then…

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