Closet Crooners: Unleashing the Hidden Harmonies of Your Linen Lair

In all kinds of creative spaces, including the realms of music and various other forms of self-expression, some shine brightly on stages. One could say these guys were born with star quality, experts at captivating audiences with dazzling displays of talent.

And then there’s us—the unsung heroes, the ones whose vocal prowess and dancing finesse remain hidden within the confines of our closets. We know who we are: a bunch of spineless undercover sensations, the Incognito Rhythm Rebels (IRR), the Secret Stage Strutters (SSS), and the Hush-Hush Harmonizers (HHH), I’m talking to you a lot.


We excuse our cowardice with baseless baloney about not wanting validation or any form of mass recognition from the world. We relish in the duality of our nature as a people who possess the ability to act as both the performers and the audience of our one-person closet shows.


Are We All Truly Cowards?

Reading this, you might wonder, “Are they—are we all truly cowards?” Well, no. You see, I’m aware that I do not speak for everyone. As I make these statements, some genuinely do not care about public recognition. That select group who have made peace with the idea of the world never getting a peek into their vulnerability, the beauty of an art form in its imperfection

What then? Should I rally the troops and ask that we strive to imitate these? Urge us to find satisfaction in the secrecy of our gifts until our excuses become truth and cowardice turns into peace. That’s up to you, I’d say, but first, I’d like to make all the options known.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the magical world of Closet Crooners! A clandestine community of melodious magicians who, in the privacy of their wardrobe domain, unleash the full extent of their musical abilities; more often than not, heavily built on mindless off-key singing, rythmless dancing, and an optimistic self-delusion of being “badass.” 

The Birth of a Genre: Closet Crooning Origins

Every genre has its origin story, and Closet Crooning is no exception. Paint a picture with me; it’s an inception, as small and wonderful as the big bang.


It starts with an individual, coy and insecure, with hunched shoulders, averted gazes, and a habit of blending into the scenery. But in this picture, they’re standing in front of their bathroom mirror, armed with a hairbrush microphone and a passion for belting out their favorite tunes. It’s a secret haven; the acoustics are perfect, and confidence skyrockets as they channel their inner diva.

And thus, a genre is born—a harmonious harmony that resonates within these very walls; somewhere within this space is an equally embarrassed, tolerant significant other bursting into a hysteria, or in other cases, an irritable sibling yelling “Shut up.”

The Sound of Silence

Closet Crooners are well-versed in the art of silent singing. They have mastered the art of mouthing the words, allowing their voices to soar to unimaginable heights without a single decibel escaping their hidden sanctuaries. Bathrooms morph into concert halls, and shower echoes become backing choirs. In this soundless symphony, the acoustics are divine, and the audience of shampoo bottles and loofahs applauds with great enthusiasm.

The Power of Dance

And let’s not forget the dancing prowess that accompanies the Closet Crooners' melodic magic. As the imaginary beats drop and the music takes control, these hidden heroes bust out moves that would put professional choreographers to shame. Their confined spaces become dance floors, where every twirl, spin, and moonwalk is executed flawlessly. Their technique could rival the likes of M.J or a much-adored asian boyband.

Calling all the Closet Crooners;

I am not Optimus Prime, but here’s a message for you Closet Crooners out there:, the next time you find yourself humming in the shower or grooving in your bedroom, remember that you are not alone. Embrace your inner Closet Crooner, for within your private moments lies a power and passion worthy of recognition or best kept a secret.

This is not a push to step into the light; I am only asking you to acknowledge who you are—a big bang, whether the beginnings or the shadow of one.

Within your hideaway, time is nonexistent, and the fabric of space is compressed to its utmost limit. You are the makings of a force beyond imagination. So celebrate, and roll out hypothetical red carpets as you think of the things that echo within our linen lairs. May the realm of Closet Crooners grow and flourish, reminding us all that music is art, and no matter where it's created, has the power to bring joy and unleash our truest selves.

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